4 Deadly Errors About Web Hosting Services

If you open Google and find the word "hosting", more than 400 million web pages are coming. Under so many competitive conditions, it is quite easy to get the host provider to seek and evaluate the most important.

The most important thing is the first:

1. The hosting company must control their servers.

The majority of the hosting industry is based on the server space for anyone. If the company does not own the space, it may happen that when you need to move to another company, your dependence depends on you. It really happened a couple of years ago when I was hosting a company where I was working very useful but was sold and after that, when the client needed another host, the company did not respond to my e-mail.

It is difficult to move the complex site without root access, but I have to do it. Although I lost many days and was very painful, even migrations were not perfect. Now I own VPS (and root access) and my life is much better. If you have a budget and can not afford VPS, go for a host like HostGator, which is a reputable company.

2. Do not let your hosting company be your domain.
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Your domain is your brand on the Internet. Moreover, when you purchase links to your websites, you will be able to transport your domain, not your web-host. If you lose your domain, all the traffic that came with those heavy received links lost instant. If the hosting company provided you with a domain name for free, make sure that the administrative contact email is an email that you control and have a panel where you can view the domain.

3. Avoid free hosting of any kind

Free Hosting is good for your resumes or your dog history, but when you start the business, it is very important to create your own domain, because if your page is hosting someone on the domain you will get a link to your site, become your hosting provider because if you later choose your own domain , All the links you still have Indicate a hosting service provider who will get all means of transportation.

4. The host is looking for good support

He needs many years to understand all the issues of the hosting platform. Even many Internet business experts have been in business for 10 years + in business to not fully understand all the options they have on the panel. So if you are new, you may have a big trouble almost every time if your host does not give you guidance, advice or help you complete technical tasks. Remember to buy a web host for money, do not lose time with technical equipment.

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