5 Ultimate Facts How To Improve Internet Home Business SERP

Have you honestly and disciplinedly considered how your Internet home business can improve the search engine ranking after several changes to the Google Panda algorithm? Are you aware of where the new focus is?
Google has set specific goals for its algorithm changes, and search engine rankings will never be the same. Actually, Google has just responded to the market changes in order to survive in the changed competition. You guessed right, the name of the game is the influence of the social pages. Now it's your turn to change your old rank ideas.
1. On-page quality became more important.
In. the past, on-page quality was a secondary element of SEO. But Google Panda Update has taught us that it all comes down to the quality of the site, not the high search engine ranking that was the result of strong link building. The quality of the content is what visitors to the site see, and the high SERP is just one way to get those visitors.
But how can software determine what is qualitative content? It can not, but it can judge it from the different factors. No duplicate content, no text links, sensible keyword strategy, the technical elements like sitemap, the freshness and the technically correct written code.
2. Google Downgraded Very Popular Linking Sites.
Several article directories and other linking sites were downgraded because they were considered spam sites. And some social sites have been updated, even though they are as spammy as the directories. This is a sign that Google is taking it very seriously to challenge the powerful social sites. Who knows how long this algorithm update is valid?
3. The new system appreciates links from a variety of high page rank, dofollow sites.
This is a low-risk solution for marketers, as the eggs in this system are not in the same basket. A marketer should receive in-depth links from the directories, blogs, social pages and bookmarks, forum signatures, blog comments, newsrooms, squidoo, and directly from related pages. It is clear that the management of link building requires planning.
4. Keyword selection became more important.
A. marketer should use two types of keywords. The high-demand brands build brand awareness and bring visitors who do not know exactly what they are looking for. The low-demand long-tail keywords bring traffic that is easier to transform. But the requirement of Google seems to be that the keywords should be closer to the page topic, i. H. To say exactly what benefit the site offers.
5. The change of thinking.
Thinking precedes actions. So the most important thing is to learn new ways of thinking when we plan our traffic-building measures. The quality is the king. Quality means that our pages offer the benefits of our content to readers and readers, or visitors to the site. Google Analytics is a great tool to get the information you need.
Google has great goals. You honestly want to improve the content quality of the pages and links. No low quality links from content farms or spam pages. The shift goes to the fresh, related and sexy content that creates the authority side. Not so much link building or other marketing volume, but the quality of all actions.

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