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Alsace is a fascinating region with a beautiful wine market, with beautiful mountain towns and French-German cuisine dining with its mountain rides alongside Germany on the eastern frontier of France. Of course, something special. And the calendar of its event is not different - the perfect mix of fairs, traditions, and long traditions that prove to its historical and diverse culture. Alsace calendar of the event is a cultural holiday, ranging from food and wine festivals to contemporary art fairs, music and even weddings that hold a 19th-century folk life. Alcea has a long memory and its colorful events bring its history to life in some of the most spectacular and joyful ways.

We've chosen ten of our favorites - but there are plenty of offers. So with Alsace you go to kugelhopf and experience some years of review that is beautiful and wonderfully diverse.

1) Alsace Eco-Bio Fair, Colmar
8th to 12th May 2013
When it comes to food, French - and especially the Alsatians - I know how to please the Chamber. But they are also becoming well known organic products too, and Colmar's Eco Bio Exhibition shows off the best side of this emerging market. More than 400 exhibitions will be exhibited at the park's Exhibition for five days of seminars, wine tasting (part of France's largest organic wine exhibition), organic cuisine demonstrations, debates, negotiations, shows, games, entertainment and more. The rest assured me that I would never look at the supermarket.

2) Kugelf's Festival, Rébueville and Ecot;
June 2013 (Date TBC)
Every year, the beautiful wall of the town of Ribeuvil and ecotourts; Hosts a festival that is dedicated to Kugelfaf's admiration - a sweet orange cake that is usually formed in the form of a print. Also known as Gugeluf or Gugelfaf, this tasty hub is celebrated in the Kupelofaf Festival, when the Rheviweil streets and ecotions; Came alive with various manners of various tastings, cooking demonstrations and competitions. Try kugelhopf in its many forms, or just enjoy the slide on a traditional way - dunked your morning coffee.

3) International Music Festival, Colmar
2nd - 14th July 2013
Colmar International Music Festival is one of the reviews of the Alsace calendar and is widely considered one of the best classical music festivals in Europe. Every year, the festival is devoted to a particular musician, instrument, country or culture, and in 2013, the 25th anniversary celebrated in honor of Vladimir Spivkov. Up to 28 concerts will be held in a variety of places, including municipal theater, colmar synagogue, Matthew, Co-Yumel Church and St. Peter's Chapel. The grand finale takes place at the Exhibition Center at an outdoor theater. For the sensational music and fresh play, Colmar International Music Festival is difficult.

4) Sugar Fair, Erstein
23-25 ​​August 2013
Yes - Sugar Festival. Everton's annual Feet D. Sugar celebrates sweets in different forms, namely chocolate, local, regional and national delicacies. Get familiar with street stalls and tastes from gingerbird kugelhopf than live entertainment trails, live music, flower parade, fair playgrounds and dances.

5) Colmar Wine Exhibition and Festival, Colmar
9th - 18th August 2013
Over 260 years, the Colmar Wine Fair & Festival is celebrated with a live performance of wine and music, which regularly attracts almost 400 exhibitors. Guests will discover tasty varieties of thousands of local, regional and national wine, as well as mixed blend of live music. The Fair 2013 celebration includes the legend of Deep Purple. Mitigate wine and enjoy live music - what could be better?

6) Wedding Fritz, Marlenheim
14th - 15th August 2013
This is a quaint tradition that started in Marlenheim in the 1970s and is still going strong. According to the stories written in the 19th century, this Alzheimer Folk Festival is a bachelor's bachelor's degree with Ami Fritz and her life's secret love, Susal - her daughter's daughter. Just like any good wedding, expect lots of food, drinks, live music and in this case, lots of traditional folky fun.

7) Le Festival Music, Strasbourg
September 20 - 5 October 2013
Every year, in Strasbourg, hosts - the celebration of classical music all over the world. Musicians are young and elderly, professionals and amateur legend and are less well-known for two-week music, featuring a variety of styles, old favorites and modern parts of experimental works.

8) Jazz-Dor, Strasbourg
November 2013 (Date TBC)
Strasbourg is annually recognized by Jazz Dos or every November, globally famous jazz musicians performing at 40 concerts. More than 100 musicians will attend, thousands of guests on the street and in Strasbourg music halls for a lot of hip-crushing sound and foot arrivals.

9) ST-ART Contemporary Art Exhibition, Strasbourg
November 22-25, 2013
Another great event in Strasbourg was in November of the popular ST-ART Contemporary Art. The second most modern art exhibition in France is the big business and art lovers in Strasbourg, paintings, sculptures, photography, frames and glassware. The works are presented in up to 100 galleries of park deposits with works of artists across Europe.

10) Christmas Markets
December 2013 - different
Cities and towns across the Alsace will hold Christmas markets of all shapes and sizes, including Colmar, Drulingen, Durmenach, Eguisheim, Haguenau, Niedersteinbach, Rosheim and Thann.

But in any country in the high-end market in Alzas - or in France - on this matter - in Strasbourg 500 years old Christkindelsm & auml. From 1570 onward, the market is located in the vicinity of the temple and is a great attraction for visitors around the globe, which comes on 60-square foot, enjoying wine and tasty alazs, old presents. His decorated, sparkling tree usually leads to 100 feet in height that makes this wonderful celebration of the center of arms.

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