Best practices for web assessment

Often, companies create a website and then think that their job is done. But website creation is just the beginning; For a website to be effective, it must be used as a tool to engage the user and turn a user into a customer. For a website to be captivating, six best practices must be followed.

Original content creation

Relevant, original website content is probably the most important aspect of any website. Google says "delivering quality content to your pages, especially your homepage, is the most important thing you need to do." If you do not offer your customers exclusive, helpful information, why should they come to your website? Original content can be provided through a blog, service examples, or company news.

Stagnant information on one page will also harm your search engine ranking. Regular content and information updates should be part of your overall SEO strategy to support your organic ranking.

Activated social network

Enabling your social networking site is also important. Nowadays it's hard to find someone who does not use social media. Leverage your users' social media contacts by creating interesting, original content (as described above) that is easy to share. After a blog post, make sure you have a call to action that's about social media, such as: For example, a button titled "Share on Facebook" or "Tweet."

Ongoing commitment to social networks

Not only should you encourage your users to share your content online, but you should also have a presence in social media. In business, you are your best lawyer. Whether you talk about your business on social media, someone is probably different - and that may not always be good. Be part of the conversation about your business online. There are so many benefits to having a social presence on sites like Facebook. Depending on how you manage it, a business Facebook page can give your customers a chance to see your company's personality, interact with you on a more personal level, and share all your information or stories with friends, whatever your customer base dramatically increases potential reach.

Gathering likes on a business Facebook page is equivalent to demographic market research. Use the data on a user page to better target your ads and content.

Ongoing search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website is crucial. SEO is how to make sure your business is found by potential customers online when you search a search engine like Yahoo! or Google. By carefully selecting keywords, backlinks, and other attributes that increase the natural ranking of your website on a search results page, you can ensure that your site is found by the right people. You have created a great website, and you have a great business; why not do everything to ensure that you are found?

Targeted online advertising campaigns

While SEO can get you far, targeted online advertising campaigns are another important way to establish your online presence and find potential customers. Google AdWords and Facebook advertising are both good starting points for online advertising. Find out where potential customers are online and what their interests are, and make sure your ads are there.

Defined goals and success measurements

You need to know what your website should achieve to see if it succeeds. Keep track of your goals and measurements, and keep track of your content, social media, and advertising. Good goals create a specific, measurable and achievable action, as well as a timetable for implementing those actions.

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