Camtasia Videos Download by Camcasia Studio 2-

Downloading Camtasia videos from web is not as uncomfortable as you hope. This is because all the files that represent Camtasia videos are not included on the web page as natural connections.

Instead of Camtasia edition, which puts the video in the first place, the file names are stored on a wide variety of HTML, XML and JS files that are web-pages.

So if you make a file -> save as a web browser, you will not get all the last files that you need.

This criterion defines how to disclose the names of the files from the website created by Camithas Studio version 2.

For example, look at this page on the website:


Open the Web site in your browser and select View-> Source.

In TITLE you will see the text "created by Camatty Studio 2". As the Camtasia version, the title is given by the title, so the original thing looks like.

When you're looking for a page, you should see a block like this:

src = "TestCamtasiaStudio211_controller.swf? csConfigFile = TestCamtasiaStudio211_config.xml"
Flashvars = "csConfigFile = TestCamtasiaStudio211_config.xml"
Quality = "high"
bgcolor = "ffffff"
width = "1008"
Height = "593"
Type = "application / x-shockwave-flash"

While there is no presenter (A) tags in this block, there are many additional file names in this segment. So these blocks you need from this block:


Sorry, the real video name is not specified. To get this file, you need to look in the XML file where you want to glimpse

(MovieURL) TestCamtasiaStudio211.swf (/ movieURL)

This is the real name of the video file, which is the main file you need. This is the SWF file in this example.

One way to get these methods is to download the software download manager software and download the following files:


So before all the files are correctly downloaded, you should be able to double click the HTML file on your hard drive and Camtasia video should start playing.

Do not you see it as a disaster? One of the most convenient ways to make camamass studio 2 videos is to use Camtasia Video Downloader, which makes your majority.

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