Do you have a brag book? Do not leave it in the interview

Brag books are a fantastic way for you to present the best you can have as an employee. It's a historical look at what you've done throughout your career, and it consists of your performance statistics, project results, product brochures you've created, awards, bonus letters, and even free notes that you might have gotten supervisors or even high-level ones. level customers. All the positives that show concretely what a valuable part of the team in the book is.
You can imagine that it costs a lot to compile one of these books, and it does. It takes a lot of time, energy and talent. So do not you dare go to your job interview and present it incorrectly. One big way you can get into trouble is to find yourself with a hiring manager who does not want to look at it now but wants to "see it later" instead. & Rdquo; Do not let that happen, because they won. And all your hard work will have been in vain.
It may seem embarrassing to you, but you must do the difficult thing in this situation: ask for it.
Say (kind): "Hey, Mr. Manager, if we do not go through that then I need that from you, because I know that just like in a sales pitch, when you leave a booklet, no one goes back and looks at it, so I do not want to waste your briefcase or paper letting you take it with me, so if we could go through it now, that would be great, but if not, just save it until the next meeting. & Rdquo;
Why is that so important? Because they really won, check it later. Even with the best intentions, senior executives are very busy, and it just never happened. And even if they did check it, they would not hear your voice, ask questions, and develop. You will not point out the 5 most important pieces that you really sell for this job. You lose those things as a platform for the conversation you need to have with him to finally complete the deal and land the offer.
The. job interview is a sales process. They are the product and they are the buyer. You would not leave a brochure or product information in a sales pitch (or on a desk to find it later), because this is not an effective strategy & hellip; .and you should not do this here.

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