Feng Shui dealing with envy and frustration in everyday relationships

What Art and Discipline Feng Shui advises when it comes to no jealousy or great disappointment. Of course, there are no conflicts and frustrations that are found in our everyday life and relationships. Personal finances and budget difficulties of our demand. Friends who are aiming for us or casual light, however, can not betray a betrayal of a friend rather than most. When people receive life and we have a great trust, or they are against us, it is tired of our heart. Revenge by the same authority can be classified in the same form. After all, you probably will not have a bad intent and then from blue - supposedly you wish to try - add a few cups of wine and the words of great jealousy and words seem to be anywhere. What can we do about Feng Shui about such events and circumstances?

Envy and jealousy can cause harmful behaviors. For example, rumor, politicism and even material things can be destroyed as well as friendship. That's why in some countries these two negative features are "evil eye." If you get to your friends, it was a belief that this could result in a loss because of negative energy it will give you.

Year 2011 has Jade 3, also known as the gossip star, positioned in the northern part of the career sectors. This means that there is a high likelihood that others can achieve more. The gravity of this case may even lead to court cases this year. That is why it is necessary to protect yourself.

By 2012 Jade 3 will still win, this time more attention to women. As for women, it is likely that they will be able to return from friends next year. Another, 3 murders also reign, leads to legal conflicts, back fighting and chitchatting. Therefore it is important for everyone to be armed against these negative qualities. Learn some Feng Shui control and prevention method that helps you overcome up.

Use earth elements to prevent negative energy from jealousy and jealousy. One of the ways to combat the negative effect of revenge and vengeance is to support success. You can do this by strengthening the elements of the earth in the southern part of your home and office. Add Earth Materials, such as stones and other Earth elements in this direction. By doing this, you will develop good relations with a favorable environment. And you're probably supposed to assist other people.

Crystalline balls can be used to melt down the hearsay. In this situation south-west you are at home or office, bad mouthing and damaging rumors will be suspended. It can also support the aid system, so the likelihood of helping others is growing.

Coin sword can help shunning envy and back combat. If your home or office is a large number of negative and wooden energy, there is a high chance that you will experience damaged chitchats and envy. The sword of the coin is shown to be very balanced. It can also reject all other bad effects on the black 2 stars attached to the southern area of ​​2011 in social status.

Place the illuminated candle for burning dirt wood, causing harmful wells. With water north, where Jade 3 is positioned by 2011, it is a favorable environment for the growth of forests. This, in turn, is responsible for a comprehensive harmful gossip. They should drain this wooden energy. Burn candles or intense light can cancel the effect of Jade 3. If your front door is positioned towards the water north, where this star comes with it advised that you hang the fire wheel for protection.

Take a fierce man to defend you against 3 killings. This is the type of enemy that can be stopped anywhere at any time, so it is essential that you have a sober protector. In ancient Chinese history many patrons are coming from their most prominent General Quang-Kong as their best choice.

Finally, you will define the signs of the zodiac sign of the individual who are your best allies. Diagrams are available where you can find a sign of signs that fit you. These people are likely to support and help you to avoid negative energy. Feng Shui!

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