How to become famous on Facebook and get lots of likes

To become famous with Facebook can be difficult. You need a lot of patience. There are many ways that you can become famous and massively increase your likes.
One way is to become a personality. You can buy a niche or start a blog or Youtube channel and promote your social media there. People value your content so that you can do something that is interesting to people. There are actually a lot of people in these niches where people want to take a look. Make your account / page attractive and convincing so that once you have clicked on it, you should go through your feed.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is that in order to get more likes, the day gets 50 people and expects them to like your photo. But that's the wrong way! People may report your account as spam and you may be blocked by Facebook.
Another way is that you can make a certain page, for example, comedy. Then you have to reach out to people who really enjoy reading jokes and other things. You can do this by going to the famous / well established big sites from which you can attract a huge audience. You can request pages for shoutouts, but they are more likely to not. So a better way is to comment on one of your pictures (via your page) and tell them that you also publish jokes and comedic things if you want them to follow your page. This will bring you to the specific audiences that are interested in comedy. So there is a greater chance that your page will be reviewed.
Another option is to join groups. You can join a group and post a joke or something related to your page. Just make sure you post in the right group. Because if you're in a music group and releasing recipes, they'll permanently prevent you from joining the group and probably blocking you.
The way Facebook offers to promote your site or increase your posts is to start a campaign. That costs money, but it's better than any of the above methods. With more than 2 billion people online per month, it's likely your ad will appear in your feed. Facebook charges a weekly fee for your campaign. All you need to do is fill in a basic form and state your country, date of birth, age, gender.
You can also set them for the audience. You can even buy Facebook Likes. There are certain websites where you can buy likes to improve your posts.
Please do not use methods such as tagging many others, as this can be risky for you and your site. The only legitimate options are mentioned above. Patience is required. You will not get likes immediately. To maintain a healthy side, do it right!

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