How To Make Money Online With Proper SEO

I've been to many forums and found out that people do their own SEO first and then give it up later, after not finding any reasonable results. I would suggest they keep trying until they really feel that their sales are directly dependent on their search engine ranking. I have great respect for all those people who have achieved success with internal / personal SEO and are still able to hold the top spot for competitive keywords like digital camera software or photo software. The world of SEO has changed rapidly and the techniques have changed. Now let's start with the main topic "Making Money Online with SEO". The first known fact:

Higher Traffic Selling Better It's been proven that among the billions of search engine-based pages, only a few are up and these top 30 sites do the most business. For example, enter digital camera software and you will understand what I mean. Do you remember how many times you left the 3-4 page of your search results? I would expect the same behavior from 99.9% of Internet surfers, since nobody has the time to go beyond the top 30 listed sites. I exaggerate when I say Top 30, because most of the top 10 get 75% of the hits. So, if you are not at the top, you lose a lot of the sales, unless you advertise locally and are limited to a local business.

Google Adwords is worth mentioning at this time, as millions use it and know its meaning. Google Adwords users know they are listed on the Sponsored Listing page for the specified keywords. However, they do not appreciate the sales they will make. You can easily do it in a month and then change your bid amount to pay less for advertising on Google. Being listed on the top page does not mean that you end up with guaranteed sales. You have to have a really good sales page that makes the "buyer" feel like they have to buy it. Remember, it's about making him feel like he needs it.

Search engine optimization will put your page in the top 10 without having to pay for the AdWords campaign, which is a pay-per-click campaign, and in the end you'll pay far more than your sales. If you select the niche keywords for your campaign and have a good sales copy, you will certainly make a lot of the campaign. Of thousands who click at least 50 on your page, you should buy your product.

The Million Question How do you benefit from SEO? How much should you spend? If you have a good product and a reasonable price compared to the competition, and believe that you can generate enough sales once your site receives traffic, SEO will help you by becoming familiar with the keywords you choose (a correct keyword). Search query per month) The selected keyword is performed by the SEO expert. Depending on the competition you have for these keywords, the plan is pending out of it. Sometimes only on-page SEO can take you to the top, but nowadays SEO has become a popular career, with many top websites spending huge amounts of SEO to be listed in the top.

Your spending should depend on how much you need to sell. A correct estimate can be drawn after the first month in which you are listed in the top 10. Your spending can range between $ 250 and $ 2500, depending on the competition you face.

Be careful when choosing an SEO company or person as they can use spammy techniques that can banish you from search engines.

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