How to Market Your Dog Breeding Business

Dog breeding is a popular hobby and an excellent source of supplementary income. People who breed and sell dogs get most of their business from advertising and word of mouth. The Internet can be a valuable tool because it allows you to advertise in a variety of forums, free of charge, and to a large customer base. Knowing how to effectively market and advertise your puppies online can give you that extra edge that will help maximize your success.

Things You Will Need:
Digital camera

Step One:
Create a website for your dog breeding business. This is relatively easy and takes very little time, especially if you are using a template with a drag and drop system. You can choose to buy your own domain and purchase web hosting -- or you can use a system that will allow you to build and host your site for free, like Create at least three pages for your site including a blog, a page for pictures and stories and a page for your prices and contact information.

Update your site regularly about upcoming litters, prices and contact information. You can also use your digital camera to upload pictures of your litters to attract new customers. Try posting informative SEO accented material to have search engines help drive traffic to your site. Articles with keywords about dogs, dog breeding and pet care will be your best option. Creating your own site will give you online credibility and will let your potential customer get to know you as a breeder without ever having to meet you.

Step Two:
Post links to your site in different forums to drive traffic to your site. You can post your links on sites like Facebook and Twitter or you can post them in more subject specific forums. Basically, wherever you can post a comment, you can share your link to help you market and advertise your puppies online. Make sure that wherever you post that it is a site that is subject similar to your link or your comment may get deleted as spam.

Step Three:
Post advertisements online. You can use online sites such as Craigslist (See References) to posts ads in your town and surrounding areas that let people know that you will soon have puppies for sale. List the breed, information about the mother and her temperament and possibly a picture of the parents. You can also post a link to your site and encourage people to contact you via e-mail or telephone.

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