Internet Radio Radio

How Traditional Commercial Media Sees Internet
The radio - Answer Responds to "Master"
Gardener Clock "with Kate Coops at 1620AM Radio
Sandy Springs, GA. The bottom line is "not good". It
The station website needs to improve radio assistance
The show hosts like Kate Copsey will be able to monitize her
Content. This is not their focus or expertise. Traditional media
Stopped concentrating long ago. Their
An emphasis is on income that is translated into advertisements
The more you can do in the show or on its website
Better and they should not concern the topic of yours
Show or Well, this is my rhythm for traditional media
Katie and I had the opportunity to talk about my review
And my recommendations are important: summary
The staff we call our call which he has
Properly called a new mind set radio show hosting:
The three topics should be Internet Radio Radio Host
Always keep an eye on the commercial radio
With their existing and potential listeners
-existing interests (your niche)?
1. Create a content
- The audio (this is you already have
- Blog
- video
2. Put the distribution network on the ground and
All time expansion:
- Syndication (We have real coaches in radio
- Podcasting (You can make immediate of yourself
Existing shows)
- social networks (start big three YouTube, Myspace,
- Joining and interacting with your niche groups
Social networks above
3. Automation-lever (we do it very well
Coach Radio Network)
Radiofrequency and monetization (we will teach you
How to do these real coaches on the radio network)
Creating an incredible value not only provides
Money will come to your listeners. real
Coach Radio Network launches a new product
Assist radio show hosts, coaches, and professionals
Small Business Owners: & ldquo; How to start successfully
New radio show or other product or service. & Rdquo;
Through never and can not recipe & ldquo; Shows up and up
Constantly improve & rdquo; New launch will be available
Limited time. It offers great importance and creates
Deadline for registration is January 09, 2010,
At midnight. You have to register in our premium month
Membership to get all the material and
Support. Sign up for our mailing list to get all the goodies
Free now and get started here:
You can sign up earlier and get the first 30 days for $ 1
All pre-launch materials; Audio, video and text are full
Length Versions Here:
Monthly membership
Then we got to know a new segment called "Internet
Radio News "that includes what is happening in the industry.
Followed by our new radio show product launch
Issue 2 "- What to do to achieve success
1. Find the niche - I know it's already done - that's it
Your coaching business or business
At present
2. Know what potential customers are buying
I know this is the secret of the best coaches and business
Owners when it comes to Internet
3. Sell them - I know this is some of the best coaches
And business owners do not know how to do it efficiently
Or resist to do it Hilt
I also have an example of the challenge we have
We created our email marketing partner
MailChimp, why they shut us down and how we got our
Reactivate account.

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