On Page SEO and Off Page SEO – Two Essential Parts SEO Game

Search engine optimization on page and office page! This is the two sides of optimization of search engines. Without these two optimization methods, online businesses can not be recognized in search engines. Also, if you want your site to appear in the top of the search engine results page, you must start implementing these methods.

On-Page SEO - Optimizing every webpage of your site SEO techniques is called the page SEO.

Design - Although your site will show some impact on the viewers, this is not everything. First of all, your site must be given room for navigation. Your web site should be opened quickly, because guests can not be interested in websites that are open in more time. Limit / limit banner ads on your site as it slows down your site. Do not use flashy colors as search engines brand these sites as spam.

Contents - The content of the homepage is SEO. Content needs to find information about your business. You can add words several times, but you should look organic. Try a unique, creative and precious content to keep the viewer in a few minutes.

Keyword - Use keywords that have been cleared after a thorough research. Thus, the tags, header tags, domain names, etc. are to be used for writing the word.

Off-page SEO - Offpage SEO must be given equal value to you page SEO. Of course offpage SEO is more important than onpage SEO. Through Off Page SEO you can create more quality traffic on your site. This promotes easy promotion of your product or service.

Article Writing

Creating websites with other sites on your site is called off-page SEO. Links can be created by writing the article. This is one of the most powerful and derived methods to create backlinks. There are many article submission directories, such as ezine, articlebase, etc. Through which you can create quality backlinks.

Blog post

Content placed in blogs is also used by entrepreneurs to create links to the quality of their sites. You can also comment on blogs and leave the domain link after all comments. Frequently visit blogs and post comments to create quality links.

Forum sites

Forum sites will get a potential customer. You can exchange links through the forum. Participation in discussions in the board is great for your site traffic. Search engine spider give priority links to the created forum.

Video marketing

Video marketing is popular nowadays as you can clearly target the target audience and let your business know. Nowadays, search engine spiders are located on search results pages on web pages. So you can upload a video to your business sites like YouTube and generate good traffic on your site.

Email marketing

This is one of the longest distinguished pages that connects you and your client. By email you can give all your information, offer and discounts to your client and at the same time you can add your domain link to the end. Thus, email marketing helps you build a powerful backlink on your site.

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