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The motivation behind this article was precisely this question posed during a digital marketing workshop hosted by Ibukun in Accra a few weeks ago.
PPC: What is it?
PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, a model of Internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time they click on one of their ads. Essentially, it's a way to buy visits to your site instead of trying & quot; earn & quot; these visits are organic. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. (Definition from Wordstream)
This form of advertising is often implemented in Google AdWords for search and display ads or by placing text links or banners directly on an online publisher's website or through social platforms (such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) "Traffic to the Website" for CPC (= Cost-Per-Click).
The PPC landscape
Looking at a recent report (Acquiso PPC Report 2017 - 2018) specifically for the US, it appears that advertisers spend most of their PPC budget on text ad campaigns, with native, programmatic and display ads at the bottom of the Tails & rsquo s ; ,
Based on conversations with customers in 4 African countries - including Ghana: social network ads, along with display and native ads, account for the bulk of ad spending. These are mainly for brand promotion campaigns, not PPC.
What happens to PPC campaigns in Africa despite the ever-increasing PPC campaign advertising budget (up to billions of dollars annually)?
Below are 4 reasons why we do not maximize the use of PPC campaigns in Ghana (and many parts of Africa).
Why are PPC campaigns in Ghana not effective?
# 1 Incomplete Sales Funnel
PPC campaigns require users to click through to a different destination, which may be a website, e-commerce store, or lead generation apps landing page, click-to-call extension, and so on.
Without a full sales funnel, there is little chance of getting ROI from a PPC campaign. Some customers have catalog-based e-commerce sites without payment integration. Others place ad campaigns on sites without their own landing page for the offer or a lead generation form. In the end, there's no choice but to run a brand awareness campaign or a failed PPC campaign that produces the bad results your customers are not looking forward to.
Finally, you have the "end of the funnel" where your Salesforce and sales mechanisms may not convert PPC leads, but only a few.
# 2 Lack of expertise from the Digital Experts
Many digital marketers are wrongly agreeing with customers that digital marketing is not a platform for sales conversions, possibly because they have limited exposure to digital marketing channels.
We all agree that any kind of marketing that does not help a business is not worth the investment. Digital marketing is no exception. It should help organizations to grow with a very clear focus on business goals.
Digital marketing channels play an important role here, including:
Digital screen
Mobile advertising
Email Marketing
Social media marketing, etc.
# 3 Ignoring the strong iterative nature of digital marketing
There is pressure from customers to work with digital marketing for them with the least budgets and execution timeframes. It feels as if every successful customer pitch is another "last chance" to prove that digital marketing works.
PPC campaigns require a lot of learning and monitoring. Unlike brand awareness campaigns, which you can almost "set and forget", PPC campaigns must be tested and closely monitored to ensure that targeting, selected keywords, platforms, bids, copies, landing pages, and conversion processes are in sync ,
While we as experts have the best approaches and methods for running successful campaigns, no one really knows how to optimize an ongoing campaign. It must first be executed and then optimized to yield results. Both require budget and time.
Digital marketing is an iterative process that allows us to make and optimize changes on the move, with a flexible campaign budget (small start), platform selection, copying, and ad design.
# 4. Content
Common pitfalls with content:
Content Starts with your PPC text: If you are not interesting or poorly written, why would you expect people to click on it? Customers who previously clicked on your ad and found bad content are unlikely to click.
Content of ... Content: Sometimes the content is so bad or boring or of low quality that it becomes "forgetful & rsquo". Consider having an editor or copywriter for each PPC campaign.
Relevance: irrelevant content - no matter what reason (eg forgetting to use negative keywords) attracts the wrong audience to your offer.
Content Testing: You can optimize content by using Analytics to evaluate the use, effectiveness, and interaction of content.
Is your content adapted to your customer / customer / buyer journey?
There is much more to say about content and from different and different viewpoints.
Remember: Content is the king!
What do other colleagues think?
"We have a lot of people who call themselves Digital Marketers just because they have big followers in social media, meanwhile, they lack the basic understanding of digital space, branding and advertising, which is a good PPC campaign & rdquo;
Alex Offei Lartey, digital marketing and communications consultant at AOL Technologies
"PPC campaigns can be better in Ghana, with the right knowledge and skills to create effective PPC campaigns and measure results or results, but unfortunately this is not the case because there is a lack of talent in digital marketing today.
Content plays a role again without the right skills and knowledge How to create attractive content? The limitation that I see comes from the expertise and in Ghana, as much as digital is growing, we still have a lot to learn & hellip ;. & Rdquo;
Issifu Aljumah Seidu, Digital Marketing Manager, Roche, Sub-Saharan Africa
"I generally feel that it's about competence rather than content quality, because it's the cause of bad content, everyone is pushing into the digital sphere, without recognizing the intricate nature of the environment as well as the people. Bubble of 2000 waiting to burst, and even larger agencies in Africa and Ghana are doing it wrong. We had some of the most impressive PPC campaigns for some companies in Ghana with very low unexpected budgets and I think Skill was the game changer here "
Nicholas Tanye, Co-Founder and COO - CliQAfrica and Research Director, Ghana Social Media Rankings (smankings.org)
& ldquo; & rdquo; PPC ads are not as effective in Ghana and broadly across Africa because most digital marketers do not fully understand how they work. A digital marketer with little or no experience does not understand that CTAs, content type, and a functioning sales funnel make PPC one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and preserve old ones. Why are you paying about $ 2.00 for 1000 impressions from customers who have never bought anything from your website? How about $ 0.80 for a click from a customer bringing a lifetime value in excess of $ 10,000?
Priscilla Korshie-Sherrie, Content Strategist and Digital Storyteller, DreamOVal
"PPC is much less competitive in Ghana and therefore an effective tool for running campaigns, especially in terms of cost." Strategically, a simple digital funnel has helped us with social media, GDN and a well-optimized landing page Leads as in the last Fidelity Bank "10x More" campaign we've executed The trick is that all parts of your funnels work together and under your control, and finally, a targeted advertising campaign that appeals to your desired destination for a successful call -to-action.
The difficulty is to close the funnel locally. You can generate the sales lines, but the sales team does not close or the company does not have the digital infrastructure to turn leads into sales online. "
Raeed Helwani, founding partner, Ronin Africa
& ldquo; ... Our use is mainly restricted to social activities - watching YouTube videos / movies, connecting with our friends on social media. Until we develop a habit of going to Google to find the best supermarket deals or the most appropriate car insurance packages, finding the right audience with PPC will always be difficult. However, Facebook PPC campaigns appear to be effective for certain markets, with so many Ghanaians using the platform religiously.
Yanfo Hackman CEO, Social Ghana
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The effectiveness of PPC campaigns seems to be a pan-African issue. We looked at 4 possible reasons to tackle the problem. We also talked to several Ghanaians involved in PPC campaigns.
And it seems that the path to a better selection of PPC outcomes starts with better education (both formal education and hands-on participation) of digital marketers.
Sure, it's a new profession, standards are being developed, and some quality certificates are being introduced slowly (for example, DMI in Ireland, CIM in the UK, etc.). Btw, the RDM Academy (part of RAPD) offers DMI's Professional Diploma.
Your PPC campaigns should always be geared towards linking marketing activities to sales.
So easy!!!
Thank you and good luck
Ibukun and Spiros
About the authors:
Ibukun Onitiju is Country Head, Sales & Director of Digital, RADP Ghana (Ringier Africa Digital Publishing - www.radp.africa). He is reachable at +233 264661613 or above
Spiros Tsaltas is the founder and sponsor of a unique customer retention firm: HireLoyalty (www.HireLoyalty.com) - headquartered in Accra, which provides advice and training in customer loyalty and PR. HireLoyalty can be reached at +233 20 741 3060 or +233 26 835 2026
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