Strategies on Selling An E-book

Once you have your e-book ready, there are other techniques you can use to make money with your ebook. One thing you can do is give your ebook away free, and at the same time provide a link to a fee-based product or service in your ebook. The thing about free ebooks is that there are web sites where you can place free ebooks. It costs nothing or close to nothing to list your ebook, and because people always love to get something free, the sites generally have web traffic.

On your own web page, you could also offer your ebook as a free bonus when a visitor buys some other product, service, or ebook from your web site.
You can add affiliate links, this is a great way to earn residual income even if you plan to just give the ebook away. You can also use a rebranding tool, which will help you to make it go viral, allowing people to put their own affiliate links in your ebook. This is a little more technical and you will want to ask someone about special programs on this.

Get your ebook listed in online bookstores. The fee may be worth it to make many more potential readers aware of your book.
Here are a few more shameless promotion techniques you can use.

* • Add a link to your ebook web site at the bottom of every email you send for any reason.

* • Submit your ebook web page to the major search engines. Your hosting service may be able to help you with this, you can purchase Internet marketing software to automatically submit your information to a list of search engines, or you can go to each of your favorite search engines and submit the site yourself.

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* • Pay for clicks from pay-per-click search engines, so people will more readily see your ebook. In this way, you buy traffic to your site.

* • Buy ad space in e-zines or newsletters that are reaching your target readers.

* • Create a monthly newsletter, and tout your book in it every month.

* • As you build your library, provide links to your other ebooks in each of your ebooks.

* • Use your ebook as a business card. Send it to organizations or businesses where you'd like to be hired as a speaker or teacher.

Make online marketing work for you.

Why worry so much about marketing? Well, mainly because you want customers to know your ebook 1) exists and 2) is worth their money and time. The long and short of it is that you want to understand the market for your ebook. You will know the general market when you choose the topic, especially if you chose a topic because of its target market.

If you spend time getting to know your market, then you will be even better poised to market your work. For example, you want to make sure you are targeting a group that has money to spend. You also want a group that browses the Internet and that likes to get current information. Ebooks offer this freshness.

Get to know your market by getting involved in online discussions, talking to people, taking part on forums, and looking at demographics or statistics. You can freely access any of the U.S. government's public information, and you may want to do that.

At the book stand, check out magazines and newspapers related to the topic to understand your market. Be sure to note who is advertising in the magazines. Some web sites offer information to their advertisers about readership and median incomes.

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