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We all live in the material world and each of us has material needs and desires. I have to admit I enjoy my physical comfort and luxuries of luxuries, although I do not call myself largely indulgent. I believe that our fast-paced, money-oriented world has not forgotten many of us, meaning that you really can succeed.
In several years I had my astrological charts and explained the highly qualified astrologer. Much of my life told me about my life and my family was true as well as fascinating. The funny thing is that one thing is clear in my opinion is our discussion of my & ldquo; working. & Rdquo; I was stay-at-home-mom during raising two young children. The last thing I did was work outside the home. Even when he developed the topic, he was immediately concerned. Since he was most of all what he told me about my life, I believed he would be right about what he saw me. So far it was interrogated. I told him that I was not out of work outside my home and hopefully it was wrong on my chart.
She asked me what I thought of my work & rdquo; Meant. I instantly called him drudgery and financial income. Then he explained the meaning for me and I started to relax. He explained that the purpose of my life was to help other people. That he or she should not have a job or money. It all sounded fine, but I'm not convinced that he was trying to tell me; I have never heard of this concept.
Now, after eighteen years of perspective, I started to understand what it meant. Although I worked independently in my career as an artist and writer, neither did I focus on financial success and hell. But both pay attention to the help of other people. My blog, I love your life, is a platform that I contacted others who take part in my goals in the world of light, love and cure. My memories are fine & hellip; ly: My story of hope, love and Destiny offers hope, confirmation and healing to all who read it. And my web boutique, Rafi's Pink Ribbon Boutique is where I sell my breast cancer Survivor jewelry and help percentage benefit from a wonderful research hospital,
Despite the fact that I hope in the end of my enterprises will receive honorable income, I'm not looking for financial wealth in my life. In the end I will be successful in my life and my enterprises, which I managed and how I was able to make a difference in this world because I understand now that true success comes to the goal of our life.
Please leave a comment and let me know what success you will have.
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