The book “God Is Sleep” by Desmond Tutu

Title of the article: Book Review "God Has a Dream" Desmond Tutu
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The book "God's Dream" review by Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abram
Hope for hope at this time
Tags: Religion, Belief, South Africa, Desmond Tutu, Imedi, Politics, Christian Life, Christian Theology Title: God Has a Dream, Hope of Hope Authors: Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams
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Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu was delighted for a long time due to heroism and gratitude throughout the world, which was reflected in human rights protection for many South African people. "God has a dream", his most spiritual search is the book, he shares a spiritual message that led him in a time of needy. To prepare personal and historical examples, archbishop Tutu addresses readers of all religious angles and shows how individual and global suffering can be caused by joy and redemption. With its characteristic humor, Tutu offers a very personal and exempt message. It helps us with "the eyes of the heart" and love, forgiveness, humility, mercy and courage to change ourselves and our world.
He said: "I tell you, God, tell me: I have a dream, please help me to realize that these are the dreams in the world whose hopelessness, hell and poverty, his war and hostility and intensity competitiveness, alienation and courage have changed with their great colleagues, When laughter, joy and peace will be where justice and c Ete, compassion and love and caring and sharing. Dream that my children know that they are members of one family, the human family, God's family, my family. "
All people share constant and universal concern, God has a dream that gives hope and compassion, humility and kindness, understanding and forgiveness of the world.
Editorial Review - Reed Business Information (c) 2003 This book is like a long and somewhat homiletical, former Archbishop Keipton of the afternoon tea and a Nobel Peace Prize-winning Tutu. Four years later, there is no forgiveness without any future, Tutu is the chairperson of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a deeply personal book called Tutu "a cumulative expression of my life work." Each chapter begins with the "god of dear son" and continues to be vulnerable, transformed, and human condition, with events related to Tutu's personal and social life, with stories of humor and deception of his trademark. For example, if Tutu says that we are all one family, what is Circassian optimism, but the highly developed relationship theology, Tutu is called Tutu's name ("Person is someone else"), political and interpersonal consequences. This book is readable, perhaps because, like other Tutu books, he takes a large part of the lectures and sermons of Tuushi in public life. That book is aimed at more afternoon tea is clear: we are God's partners, tutu exhorts. We are human and dehuman, and with our actions towards others. Tutu is the foundation of this statement, most concretely, to the conclusion that organizations have web pages that need more partners. (Mar 23)
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Desmond Tutu's best-selling inspirational book is generally audiences, now available in the paperback "God Is a Dream" extremely personal and release message of hope and light dark times. In it, the Archbishop shows how important our individual life and the strictest reality of global conditions we remember the importance of hope and dream - this is a hope and a dream that a better future will be built and that God's dream will be fulfilled for us. Tutu also shows how to get this dream from a very practical point of view, such as how to love our hatred, to promote peculiarities of injustice, forgiveness, humility and welfare. And calm and in patient. Not only a Christian audience, but for every believer - and none who comes to life with greater inspiration and integrity, "God is dreaming" is very important and is very important when we live. Instead of a political document (as his previous book "No future without forgiveness"), this is the greatest work of modern spiritual spirit of the church leader, known for its charisma, strong approach and humor.
Live your dream and be happy in a wonderful journey that lives
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