Top 3 arguments against Network Marketing

These arguments against network marketing are things that hang many people new to the industry.
MLM or Network Marketing is a pyramid or Ponzi scam?
welcomeA Ponzi Scheme works like social security. People are putting money in, and for other people to get paid, more people have to pay for it than pay it off. In a few short years, we will see how remarkably social security resembles the ultimate pyramid scheme. (Do not believe me, read this article in Business Week and get your own picture.)
In a network marketing company, however, you control how you do business, so can be paid based on multiple streams of income like any other honest business. This is especially true if you work online.
As an entrepreneur, you have at least these options for you.
1. They can be paid for your retail sales associated with your Opportunities products (if you sell them online separately from your business building, this may work well).
2. You can be paid for training material you sell (if you use a funded training application).
3. You can be paid for affiliate products that help your prospects fulfill specific tasks in their online business (If you become an affiliate salesman for certain tools, Wordtracker or GoDaddy are good examples.).
4. You can be paid for the content you create (if you monetize it for the generated traffic using tools like Google Adsense, Text Link Brokering, or any number of monetization tools).
5. And, of course, you will be paid on your residual income by your Down-Line Business Builders if you teach them to reproduce your achievements (if you properly generate and train your downline).
As you can see, network marketing is simply not a scam. It is a legitimate, workable business model that transfers responsibility and control directly to the distributor. He / she has the choice to succeed or fail, depending on how dedicated they are.
Do a lot, have a lot of success. Do a little, you see very little success.
People at the top who make the most or all the money?
That is 100% correct, but before the heads explode it is important to note that this is true for ALL businesses.
Take a look at the pay for executives in every major fortune that costs five hundred companies, and you'll see that's true.
It's a simple fact that few people in every business make the most money.
Few make most of the money in any business, industry, or country. Anyone who argues that MLM is flawed because the people at the top make the bulk of the money would do well to take a closer look at reality.
The true questions isn & rsquo; t, & quot; Why are people at the top 5% making all the money? & Rdquo;
The real question is, "What will you do to become one of the top 5%?".
If you work and do not get results, you get little or nothing. This is true in any business or job.
If you work really hard and get lots of results, you get a lot of money. This is not true for any job, but it is very true in relation to your business.
Network. marketing pays on a performance basis. Meet the standard of performance and enjoy the benefits of this standard.
Anyone who argues against it does not believe in its responsibility to do something, so it's unlikely you'll get them to join your business. If I were you, I would avoid these people like the plague!
Do people who start in the early stages have to make the most of the money?
This is true for any kind of business, and it really is not the tragedy that makes Nay-Sayers.
Do you work for a company? Didn & rsquo; T the owners come before you did? Do not the business owners make money on their efforts? Do not you make more money than you?
So it's pretty clear that this is a fairly common practice, another way of looking at it would be:
If you bought Google stock for $ 100.01 in September 2004 and sold it for $ 714.00 in December 2007, would not you make money because you joined earlier than anyone else?
The same is true if you buy a house for $ 250,000 and sell it for $ 500,000. Do not you make money to come in early and sell it to someone later?
This is the reality of the economy in a capitalist economy. It just works so that you face another sobering question.
What will you do to build your assets now so you can redeem them later?
I have an idea! Get out there and build your business online and reap the rewards of your hard work, now and in the future.

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