Top 3 CME Marketing Trends in 2018

As a CME Medical Event Organizer, you may want to take note of these Top 3 CME marketing trends for 2018 if you want to run a successful event. With the ever-changing technologies, knowing the right channel for marketing is the most important thing. Whether CME USA or CME South Korea organizer, everyone needs brilliant marketing to attract the attention of the right end users.
You can promote upcoming CME conferences through various marketing methods. At the moment, however, the focus is more on mobile devices and tablets, websites, social media platforms, and Google search results. To improve the visibility of their conference online, medical event organizers should best consider these 3 CME trends.
They are search engine optimization, paid digital ads and social media marketing.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Currently plays the main role in digital marketing. Well-researched keywords that produce the desired results directly are no easy task. Excessive use of keywords could put you in legal trouble and completely banish your website from the Internet. With the innovation of intelligent personal assistants such as Siri, Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, SEO also enables voice-based keywords in addition to the general keywords and long-tail keywords.
Paid digital ads: These can be banner ads on websites, in social media accounts or even in search engine results. Ads data is based on specific information such as gender, occupation, age, demographics and education. They are one of the fastest ways to catch the user's attention with videos, pictures and memorable phrases. As a CME Medical Event organizer, you may want to include the target images.
Social Media Marketing (SMM): LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are considered one of the most influential marketing platforms. They make it easy to target the right audience because almost every doctor is on one of these platforms. Creative content in social media will generate more leads, and potential customers will soon become sales. The more visual and catchy the content, the higher the likelihood of visibility.

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